Company Profile

Who we are:

    • Official founded in 1998
    • 2009 changed to BitsnBytes Timo Schuh GmbH to serve bigger projects and Enterprise companies as a capital corporation
  • based in a little town in Germany or anywhere in the world.
    • Customers from all over Europe, primarily from Germany but also from other countries like Cuba, China, India.
  • Highlights. We are a small company, but have done great things: Managing Europe’s greatest IT project, the Migration of the German Telekom T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH to NGN Next Generation Network und Voice over IP Infrastructure with over 220.000 ports and 1.200 facilities. General supplier for Daimler Chrysler Cuba. First company who has established STARFACE with Voice over IP in China/Shanghai. And all the small and mid-sized companies which needs us more.
  • Certifications: Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), MCSA, MCP, Comptia A+, German surveyor/consultant for justice, IBM Network Specialist, Veeam VMTS, STARFACE Voip UCC Engineer, and many more
  • We are Partner of nearly every ITK Manufacturer. From Cisco over DELL, Microsoft, Kaspersky, SOPHOS, STARFACE, vmware to Veeam. We choose our partners according to the principle, the best is just good enough. This is what the sum of over 20 years of experience teaches us.
  • Our main intention is to manage complete clients ITK and serve everything as one service provider. We also do interim management. Many clients are overstrained with IT, they need good advice, someone who stands in for them, and so we have gone a little further. The whole infrastructure out of one hand. Only one trustworthy partner which is kind of the external CIO of the clients company. This is why we use the term clients and not customers. We speak in the name of the client for the client and we fight for them. We have some rules, our concept. The Clients IT must comply to some IT-Standards we have established over the years. These Standards are used by almost any of our clients, so the complex and fast changing IT process chains, like Updates along the OSI chain (Open Systems Interconnection Model) or like issues and security tasks, could be tested by ourselves before rollout and on any of the other clients infrastructures. One issue solved for a client, solved for many. By that, we reduced costs, increased the uptime, flexibility and combability. And with that concept, we work almost 100% remote all over the world because we can control every part.
  • We have a different approach, because In my honest opinion IT is man kinds most complex creation, instead of having a company with many average skilled IT employees, and because of the fact that this knowledge cannot be easily reproduced like in classic education (you have to be Nerd from childhood on) we created a network of highly skilled IT Nerd friends which work together. In this group we have clients from Airlines to Oil companies.

That’s what we are.